About CleanScript

Who We Are
CleanScript, a research-focused company, registered in 2016 with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission [RC 2462176], is a group of innovative and bright minds from various renowned and reputable Universities.
CleanScript aims to bridge the research gap between the developed, developing and under- developed countries of the world amongst other various purposes.
We specialize in providing top-level innovative, timely and professional support in the development of educational systems and conductance of research for various schools, colleges, universities, institutions and companies, especially the oil producing companies.
To achieve this, CleanScript has gathered a group of seasoned researchers from various renowned and reputable Universities all over the world, working together to provide innovative academic and industry solutions.

Our Mission

CleanScript aims to bridge the research quality gaps between the developed and the developing/under- developed parts of the world through innovative solutions.

Our Vision

To establish a common ground for global academic and technological growth, creating exposure to less advanced countries towards a consolidated and rapidly advancing world.

Our Way

How things work at CleanScript

Quality Policy

Why Choose Us?

Our focus is not just on developing and installing learning management systems and software, our focus and interest is on managing, training, supporting, enforcing, guiding, creating awareness and assisting the educational community to make the most out of these systems. With a small amount of yearly subscription fee, students and researchers will have unlimited access to journal articles through our App.

CleanScript is committed to interrogating the relevant stakeholders to determine the specific features and appropriate mix of ingredients they will be requiring rather than delivering generic features which do not meet the needs of the stakeholders.

We understand fully well that students in most schools undertake their final research projects during the summer or in their 2nd semesters, when there is less time, difficult period to integrate research with courses, and also a period when people including their supervisors embark on summer holidays, leaving the research students helpless without assistance. We have created a forum where students can receive various assistance while undertaking their research project.

Our Purpose

  • Equipping research students in the developing/under-developed parts of the world with necessary skills required to make the quality of their research works publishable, in order to raise the global ranking of the higher institutions in these regions.
  • Researching and developing optimal and economically viable Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and flow assurance technologies that can recover over 70% of the conventional resources in place and also suitable for unconventional resources.
  • Create a global network and online platform for researchers.
  • Promote academic and research excellence in our target regions by developing and educating the educational community in these regions on the opportunities of utilizing educational applications and e-learning platforms to enhance learning processes.
  • Enabling research projects overcome constraints by providing a platform where research students can gain unlimited access to journal articles and other peer-reviewed research materials at a very low cost.
  • Put in place systems to check plagiarism and other unethical writing practices.

We are trusted by more than 150 clients

Our services and programmes cut across all areas of research; for all kinds and sizes of organizations and for different budget sizes.